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Saba Island, DWI

Dinner Menu

              Nos Entrées

Soupe du jour                                                                              $ 10.00
Soup of the day served with a bread roll,
ask your waiter for the soup of the day

Escargots                                                                                    $ 12.00
1 dz snails classic way with garlic and parsley
La cuisses de grenouille                                                                $ 13.50
Sautéed frog legs in garlic on mixed greens

 Cocktail de crevettes                                                                     $ 17.00
Shrimp cocktail with grilled Jumbo prawns, romaine lettuce,
Whisky cocktail sauce and oven roasted Cherry tomatoes
Curseurs de homard                                                                     $ 13.00
3 Saba Lobster sliders with tomato & red pepper salsa,
garlic & vanilla mayonnaise and sweet red onion compote

Carpaccio de bœuf                                                                      $ 15.00
Beef Carpaccio with creamy truffle dressing, rocket salad,
pine nuts and a Parmesan crisp
Add Foie Gras curls                                                                   $ 6.00

Salade avec magret de canard fumé                                            $ 18.50
Mixed salad with home smoked duck breast, balsamic shallots,
green asparagus, marinated mushrooms and red port dressing
Add Foie Gras curls                                                                   $ 6.00

 Salade avec fromage de chèvre           (Vegetarian)                    $ 14.50
Mixed salad with warm goat cheese, walnuts, marinated figs
oven roasted croutons served with a honey mustard dressing

Any food allergies or dietary needs? Please let Bubba know and we will try our
utmost to cater to your needs.

 Please note that all Bubba’s prices are inclusive of all taxes, gratuity is totally up to you.

                  Nos Plats

Vivaneau grillé                                                                             $ 26.50
Grilled red snapper with a Creole sauce,
steamed rice and sautéed vegetables of the season

Filet Mignon                                                                             $ 32.00

Sautéed fillet Mignon with a rosemary-red wine sauce,

scalloped potatoes and pan roasted mixed vegetables
Add sautéed Foie Gras                                                                $ 8.00                                                        
Coq au vin                                                                                    $ 26.50
Free range chicken cooked in red wine and vegetables served with
Your choice of: scalloped potatoes or steamed rice

Gambas à l'ail                                                                            $ 31.00
Grilled Jumbo shrimps over tagliatelli with garlic,
red peppers, parsley, sun-dried tomatoes and parmesan cheese
(Please note that this dish is also available as a vegetarian dish)

Filet de Porc                                                                               $ 26.50
Grilled pork tenderloin and pork stew accompanied by a creamy wild
Mushroom sauce and served with scalloped potatoes or steamed rice

Quiche de fromage               (Vegetarian)                                 $ 23.50
Vegetarian quiche with four different cheeses and eggplant caviar
Served with a salad of mixed lettuce, quinoa, orange, pear and pine nuts

Bubba offers a few additional sides, for those craving a little extra:

Side orders:                                                                                 $ 5.50
Baguette with garlic butter or aioli
French Fries
Scalloped potatoes
House Salad
Mixed vegetables

               Nos Desserts

Dame Blanche                                                                               $ 14.00       
Vanilla ice cream with warm chocolate sauce and whipped cream

 Crème Brûlée                                                                                $ 14.00
French custard topped with flambéed sugar, served with a scoop of ice cream

 Tiramisu                                                                                       $ 15.00
Home-made Italian tiramisu, very very Yummie

Cheese Cake                                                                               $ 12.00
Ask us for the flavor of today  

3 Boules de Glace                                                                    $10.00
3 scoops of ice cream, please ask your waiter for

the flavors available, served with whipped cream

Bubba always has a selection of fine whiskey’s, cognac’s,
Liqueurs etc. waiting for you!

 Of Course Bubba offers different Coffee’s & Tea’s as well.

Open: Wed-Mon

From: 5.30 pm - 10.00 pm


Tel: +599 416 2539