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​​​​​​                    Nos Entrées

Soup du Jour                                                                                               $ 10.00
Ask your waiter for the soup of the day.
Always prepared with the freshest of ingredients

 Classic French Onion Soup                                                                         $ 10.00
An Old Time favorite topped with a Cheese Crouton

 Escargots                                                                                                   $ 12.00
1 dz. Burgundy Snails prepared the classic way with Garlic and Parsley

Bistro Salad                (Vegetarian/Vegan)                                              $ 12.00
Mixed Lettuce dressed with Honey & Mustard Dressing, accompanied by Apple,
Walnuts, Dried Cranberries and Orange.

Spice up your bistro salad by adding one of these three items:

Add Goat Cheese $3.50      Add Duck Breast $5.00      Add Shrimp $5.50                          
Are you a salad lover and would like to enjoy the bistro salad as a main add: $ 5.00

 Smoked Salmon         (Pescatarian)                                                      $ 18.50           
Cold smoked wild caught Salmon with Toast served with,
Onion, Capers, Boiled Egg, Lemon Mayo

 Beef Carpaccio                                                                                       $ 15.00           
Beef Carpaccio with Creamy Truffle Dressing, Capers,
Rocket Salad, Pine Nuts and Parmesan Cheese
Add Foie Gras Curls                                                                                  $ 6.00

 Salade Niçoise        (Pescatarian)                                                            $ 17.50
Mixed Lettuce, Fresh Tuna, Green beans, Potato, Olives, Anchovies, Tomato
and Hardboiled Egg, tossed in with a Classic Vinaigrette

 Baked Brie               (Vegetarian)                                                            $ 16.50
Oven Baked Brie, Candied Walnuts, Apple,served with Toasted Bread

                    Nos Plats
                                        Bubba’s Grilled Steak Selection:                           

Rib-Eye                                                                                          $ 30.00           
Striploin                                                                                          $ 31.00           

Filet Mignon                                                                                  $ 34.50

Add seared Foie Gras to your Steak                                               $ 8.00

              Bubba’s Steaks are served with your Sauce of Choice and Two Sides:

            Sauces (1 included):                                               Sides (2 included):
            Béarnaise                                                               French Fries
            Red Port & Truffle                                                  Potato Mousseline
            Blue Cheese                                                            House Salad
            Peppercorn                                                              Mixed Vegetables

 Seafood Risotto          (Pescatarian)                                                        $ 29.50           
Homemade Seafood Risotto including: Mussel, Shrimp, Saba Lobster and
locally caught Fish topped with Arugula and Parmesan Cheese

 Gamba’s al Ajillo       (Pescatarian)                                                     $ 31.50
Head on Jumbo Shrimps sautéed in Garlic, Lemon Juice, Olive Oil and
Red Pepper Flakes, tossed in with Spaghetti Pasta and Roasted Tomato, finished
with Parsley and Rocket Salad

 Fishalicious                   (Pescatarian)                                             $ 28.50 

Locally caught Fresh Fish with Spinach Sauce served with Mixed Vegetables
and your choice of Steamed Rice or Potato Mousseline

Magret de Canard                                                                            $ 33.50
Sautéed Duck Breast filet with Sauce a la Orange, slices of fresh Orange,
Fried Seasoned Potatoes and Haricots Verts

 Simon’s BBQ Baby Back Ribs                                                        $ 26.50
Grilled “fall of the bone” Spare Ribs tossed in Chef Simon’s secret BBQ sauce
served with a cold Garlic Sauce, House Salad and French Fries

 Porcini Mushroom Ravioli (Vegetarian)                                          $ 24.50 

Homemade Porcini Mushroom Raviolis with Roasted Garlic & Parmesan
Sauce topped with grilled Cherry Tomatoes and Arugula

 Fondue au Fromage            (Vegetarian)                                           $ 24.50
Swiss Cheese Fondue served with French bread, Potato,

Cauliflower and CarrotSoup of the day served with a bread roll,

Bubba always has a selection of fine whiskey’s, cognac’s,
Liqueurs etc. waiting for you!

 Of Course Bubba offers different Coffee’s & Tea’s as well.

Any food allergies or dietary needs?
Please let Bubba know and we will try our our best to cater to your dietary needs.
Please note that all Bubba’s prices are inclusive of all taxes, gratuity is totally up to you.